I believe in match making a little more, after last WL horror show.

I believe in match making a little more, after last WL horror show.

Not a long post this time, just a quick thought that perhaps you guys can reason with, or debate.

My "normal" WL results are usually in the 27-32 win range. It's been this as a constant pretty much since the 2nd month of champs. I don't know how to improve, I've tried a lot, but hey, that's life.

I always questioned match making. I consistently came up against pro players / top 100, even though our wins / ranks etc were wildly different at each given time, and have faced many viewers that were quite beneath my level, and so with that, I always assumed (and to an extent still do) – that match making was more luck, than design.

Until last weekend.

I get "FUTigued" – which is where after 8-10 games of intense FIFA in a day, my mind is fried, and I literally can't concentrate as much as I need too to perform at the level required to win in champs. This has caused me some issues over the months, as it means I can only really get 24-30 games at a high level, and the rest is a crap shoot.

This weekend just gone, I built my best ever team, and was just really happy to play with it. I quickly got to 9-1, and then disaster struck. I got a DC loss in game 11, then went from 9-1 > 10-5, and from 10-5 > 13-7, all on Friday. This was the first time I'd played 20 WL games in 1 day in months.

13-7 isn't too bad, and isn't even that far off the curve for Elite 3, so I wasn't all that bothered, but when I began playing on saturday, things stayed bad. I went from 13-7 to 16-10, and it was at this point I noticed a huge change in opponents. I went from playing super team after super team (which although isn't a reflection of skill every time, is a good indicator of understand FUT basics), playing dudes I've played in weeks past, and even 1 Top 100 player (at 14-9), to playing against dudes who were just way beneath my level. I'm talking about dudes who had <100 chem in teams, basic gold teams, players with hilariously wrong chem styles on players, and at times no chem styles at all, I started seeing formations I'd never usually see in WL, and managed to drag myself from 16-10, to 25-11. My chance for elite was still on, until I blew it against a full chelsea team. I went on to finish 27-13, the DC not really being all that important in the grand scheme of things.

I found it strange, though. I hit one of my worst runs ever, 9-1 first 10, 4-6 Second 10, 6-4 third 10, and then 8-2 final 10 games. There was a point in those 40, where I went 7 wins and 9 losses, and it was during this time that I could really notice the decline in skill of my opponents.

So who knows, perhaps MM is effective.



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