Here are 9 important tips we can learn from THAT Shellzz vs Rocky Grand Final [Reddit FIFA Academy Lesson 16]

Here are 9 important tips we can learn from THAT Shellzz vs Rocky Grand Final [Reddit FIFA Academy Lesson 16]

Hey comrades, you've been requesting this one quite a bit and finally I have the time to do it! Today we analyze Shellzz vs Rocky from the Berlin Grand Final! There's lots to learn from their exciting matches.


Don't forget that you can see past lessons here and like all of them before, this one has a video to component as well, with further examples. If you want the link just let me know below.


Passing Back Is Absolutely Necessary (take no risks at the halfway line)

Here we see Rocky trying a typical FIFA move. He tries to buy time at the halfway line so that he can spray a through ball to forward runner.


However, the window for getting the pass through is too tight, so Rocky opts to shift the ball.


He doesn't take into account who Shellzz might be controlling, and he doesn't take into account that his ball carrier is virtually surrounded.


If you pay close attention, you can see Rocky trying to pass somewhere, but by then it's already too late. The ball is away from his feet so he can't get the ball somewhere safe. Shellzz takes advantage here and then the goal comes with an easy series of passes.


Once the ball was lost here, it was all over. There was absolutely nothing Rocky could do. When you're at the halfway line, you never want to risk it because it can lead to an easy counter attack. Pass back to maintain possession in situations like this, especially if you're playing in a very serious match, like in FUT Champs or a tournament.


Don't Break Defensive Shape (unless it's a last resort)

In this example, Rocky breaks his defensive shape faster than John Terry breaking down his friendship with Wayne Bridge.


Maybe he was confident that he'd get the ball. Maybe he was frustrated. We don't know for sure. But the point is, there was no immediate threat here, so there's no real reason to rush out like that. The defender has the numbers.


A better approach would have been to mark the ball carrier and then switch back to the other defender to track the run if it looks like Shellzz is going to go for a through ball. It won't necessarily dispossess the ball carrier immediately, but there's less of a risk of a breakthrough.


Unsure About Your Shot? Power It Up!

This definitely should have wound up as a goal, but the ball was underhit. We can only assume that nervousness and thinking about what the opponent might do resulted in a bit of indecision.


If you're ever in a situation like this, make sure to apply loads of power to your shots! Even if it's just a driven shot, you still want that initial burst of power before the second tap of the shoot button. There's no real downside to it if you plan your shot in advance, obviously putting in more power will take a bit longer than just tapping the button.


Here's another example. This shot is so tricky because of the bad angle and positioning, the player has to twist his body unnaturally. You'll notice Shellzz applied only a little bit over 2 bars of power, but he needed 3. It's also possible that he didn't aim for the corner enough or that the player's footing would have prevented the goal anyway, but still, you want to give yourself the best chance possible with enough power.


Rush Your Keeper

Here we have one of those really annoying moments when the defender makes the tackle but it doesn't stick, so the attacker ends up in a better position for it. I'm sure Rocky doesn't it at all hehe, and I wouldn't either if it were me.


Once the ball is collected after the tackle and moved to the box with Suarez turning, it's all over. There's nothing more that you can do defensively except for rushing your keeper. I highly recommend this because you might get a bit lucky and this might startle the enemy into making the wrong decision or making a bad shot. And sometimes you get extra lucky and the keeper actually saves it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying a keeper rush here saves the goal, but it's definitely that last little bit that you can do in the hopes of maaaaaaaybe not conceding. It works surprisingly well.

Turning + Passing At The Same Time Is A No No

I mean no disrespect to the pros when I say this, but this pass and turn is a rookie mistake, and I'm sure Shellzz knows he shouldn't have done that (or maybe didn't expect that animation).


When you pass and turn at the same time, you basically tell the game "do whatever you want with the aiming." Imagine it as a modifier on your pass, a really bad modifier that reduces accuracy and creates problematic situations. You extra don't want to do it late in the game with low stamina, the risk is definitely increased.

Reaction Time Is Important When Defending

That previous turn + pass mistake leads to what ends up being a goal for Rocky.


It's a tricky situation to defend because Rocky has so many passing options that can instantly score here, but Shellz has to switch his player quicker than he does. By the time the switch is made, the AI has already ruined the positioning and this allows Rocky to score with even more ease than expected from this situation.

Chasing The Game As A Defender Can Be Dangerous

Neymar here has a few steps of space he can work himself into, or he can backheel it Ronaldo for a tap in.


What should be happening here is that Neymar's marker should be controlled, and he should move a few steps up so that he can block off the immediate space that Neymar can exploit. Boateng can come in later to make the tackle depending on how the situation ends up, but he should not be the primary way of defending here.


Perhaps Rocky anticipated that Shellzz would move out of the box or try to work it across, but that's a risky assumption to make in your own box, especially when you're 1 – 0 down. You usually want to be a bit safer on defense.

Positive Mentality = Better Chance Of Positive Results

You can call this BS as much as you want, if it were you in the match, you'd happily take it. But how did we get to this to begin with?


Well, Rocky doesn't stop throwing everything he can at Shellzz, despite being down. And that's part of what separates the best from the rest. You have to tell yourself constantly that you can come back and get a goal, even if in reality the odds are low. Any professional competitor will tell you the same.


In Formula 1, David Coulthard always thought he was as good or better than Schumacher despite Schumacer dominating. He admitted when he retired that Schumacher was obviously better, but at that time, if DC stopped believing then he would have stopped competing as well. A competitive mindset isn't necessarily a rational one. You just need to keep feeding yourself with positivity and belief. Sometimes you'll come back because you get a second wind. Sometimes you'll get a lucky bounce. Sometimes you'll lose. But at least you'll have tried to give it your all.

The Hugely Controversial Non Clearance – Scandal or Not?

This non clearance rocked the FIFA world. Notice Shellz powers up.


Fact: clearing the ball with the shoot button sometimes doesn't clear it for a few seconds when in your box. I have no idea why, I just assume the game is busted. I've had guys literally stand still while I mash the button on streams.


Another fact: You can cancel inputs with R2/RT by accident, despite it not being designated as the cancel mechanic in this game. This happened in previous games more than in FIFA 17. If I recall correctly, R2 was a common cancel in some of the older games. If there's a big wait before your input and the player making contact with the ball because the ball is away from his feet, slamming on R2 creates a risk of the input being cancelled. You can try replicating this for yourself, and you'll see that it sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


So it's entirely possible that a combination of sprinting and the ball being away from Shellzz's feet resulted in this non clearance. Or, the input might have reset after the ball clipped the heel of Messi before going back to Neymar. We don't know, but from our vantage point it looks like the game is not capable of handling a scenario like this, and that's not okay at all.


By the way, should not have been allowed to turn here, it was crucial to go in immediately for the tackle. Hard to spot during the match of course, but the replay shows us his marker didn't get as tight as he should have.


Whenever you get yourself in these situations always clear with the cross button or at least a super powered through ball. Shellzz has 2 passing options here (high through ball in the middle or low to Messi), and I'd be very surprised if a player of his caliber didn't notice them. Try not to sprint when clearing. The less risks you take the better. And on that note, if you do clear with a through ball, make sure to apply way more power than you normally would. In a crowded situation like this, the controls assists might hinder you if you have them turned on.


That's it for this lesson, if you want the full video just let me know! I hope this has been helpful a little bit.


If you have any questions or comments, be sure to post them below, I'm always around.


Lesson 17 is coming soon! Cheers.


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