Backlash to Loan SBCs?

Backlash to Loan SBCs?

I genuinely think this is the closest I have seen to the FIFA community being in unanimous agreement about something. We were promised the return of "Favourite SBCs" and the "twist" is actually a big fuck you from EA. You can't really do the SBC again, you'll get a loan version which will last a WL or less.

I usually defend the EA devs as I think they've released great content this year and most of the shit they get is far too extreme. I look at some of the messages they get on Twitter and FB and wonder how they put up with it.

That said, I'm as annoyed as everyone else with these SBCs. Why hype up these SBCs to the extent they did, just to release loan versions? What is the rationale for only offering a loan version? Can they not see how this looks like a massive troll when they said there would be a "twist"?

I mean let's be real, it's just a game and at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. Still, I hope the devs realise the communities' disappointment and rethink these SBCs. I'm not gonna hold my breath though.

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