Charity Live Stream – Inspired by the incredible Bradley Lowery

Charity Live Stream – Inspired by the incredible Bradley Lowery

This weekend I am conducting a charity live stream, streaming the full 40 FUT Champions games with a full Sunderland squad with IF Jermain Defoe wearing the Sunderland kits and donning the badge, all proceeds will go to Solving Kids Cancer, an amazing charity that helps children across the world that live in a similar situation to Bradley Lowery. I know this won't be of interest to everyone, but after speaking with advisers on justgiving, they have suggested that I try and get the message out there to as many people as possible. I have set a target figure of £100.00 as I am a small YouTuber and an even smaller streamer. The full stream will be on Sunday at 1pm UK time and will continue until we've finished FUT Champs and had interaction with the stream afterwards. I'll be setting challenges for when I lose miserably to try and mix up the stream, and when we're all done, I'll be playing people in the stream and trying to make it as positive and fun as possible.

Even if this post just gets 1 extra viewer on Sunday, I'll take it as a success.

If anyone has any questions whatsoever, please ask!


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