FIFA Reddit Academy Is Closing… Until FIFA 18 That Is :)

FIFA Reddit Academy Is Closing… Until FIFA 18 That Is 🙂

Hey comrades, just wanted to give you a heads up that the FIFA Reddit Academy will have 1 or 2 more videos for FIFA 17, and then it'll be "over" until FIFA 18.

Thank you to everyone who's been following along this year, there's been over 18 videos, and hundreds of thousands of words written across the text versions and replay analyses. You guys have made this thing so big that I've even received shady sponsorship offers from sketchy and exploitative companies lmao. It's been a lot of fun!

Blowing It Up For FIFA 18

This project or whatever you want to call it started because I wanted to help people get better at the game and have more fun with it. It didn't really follow a set plan or schedule, which why sometimes the topics varied wildly from week to week.

For FIFA 18, this thing is going to get a lot bigger! I've already put together the plans for everything, so instead of creating content throughout the year, I'll be covering basically every topic imaginable within the first few weeks of launch, and then updating as necessary due to patches/new discoveries/etc.

I've also begun analyzing pro matches, most recently I did Shellz vs Rocky from the Berlin final. Think of it like Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher's EPL show thingy, except with a lot more detail.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again to everyone!

While we wait for FIFA 18 I'll still be around of course, and I'll still be producing content and streaming (although those links don't go here because that would be advertising). If you want to keep with my "off season" stuff (drafts, streams, etc.), i can PM you the link.



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