random thought at work…

random thought at work…

imagine you went to watch some fast n furious street racing and someone pulls up to race with a stock standard unmodified car that they just drove off a dealer lot…

They start racing against experienced racers with modified sports cars and they end up losing every race they attempt.

and then they start complaining after every loss…
'oh did you use your daddys credit card to pay for your car'

'oooh your using Nos to get a speed boost? that is so unfair'

' wahhh I cant believe you put on racing tyres like everyone else, you sheep'

'oh you've spent how many hours racing? I prefer to do other things than racing in my free time'

'I so should have won that race, did you see how hard I pressed down on the pedal, I pressed down harder than they did so I should have won…'

that's how I picture people who bitch and moan about FIFA and the players who have time to play WL, about anyone who uses fifa points or owns popular players or uses various skills or tactics etc…



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