Critique of In Form and TOTS System

Critique of In Form and TOTS System

For years, we have seen mediocre star increases for special cards and this year EA finally turned it up to FIFA 12 levels. However, it's kind of ruined the game for me. There are way too many TOTS cards that are just way too good at everything. This isn't a complaint against people with good teams, but rather at the overall tactical fun of the game. I just completely lose immersion to the game when someone like TOTS Lukaku has Messi-like dribbling stats despite never coming close even in his best form. My solution to fix this is to first lower the base stats of every card in the game such that Messi has something like 85 dribbling. Special cards would then see large upgrades on players' KEY ATTRIBUTES. TOTS Lukaku should then have minor upgrades on dribbling and passing (seeing as they are his weakest traits) but nearly perfect stats in pace strength and shooting. This way, players still keep their identities. At the start of the game, every player has a unique identity but by the end, all the TOTS cards handle almost the same. With this layout, players get upgrades to their strengths and improve throughout the game without diluting the uniqueness of the players.


All cards should get lowered stats and IFs and TOTS should get a majority of their upgrades in that players' best skills.


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