FIFA 18 PS4 or XBox One??

FIFA 18 PS4 or XBox One??

This might become a little lengthy, but I want to put out as much info to try and get the best answers.

A little background and context: I have been a casual Fifa player since the end of the '14 cycle and my main game mode is Ultimate Team. I started playing on Playstation 4. I played '14, '15, and '16 on PS4. During that time I built a decent computer and starting playing everything I could on PC. Before the launch of FIfa '17 I sold my PS4, because I figured that I could just play Fifa through Origin and that would satisfy me. After playing for about a month, I couldn't have been more wrong. The graphics were magnificent, but that's where the pros ended. Finding a match was tough, the transfer market sucked (not many items listed and the prices were all over the place. Plus, I know it can be exploited easier and 3rd party coins are super cheap.) So, I bought an XBox One for the sole purpose to play fifa and have played Fifa '17 on it since.

A couple weeks ago I found out one of my favorite PS2 franchises was coming to PS4. The Hot Shots series (now called Everybody's Golf) I must have had 100's of hours playing the various Hot Shots Golf and Tennis games. Prime Day came around PS4 Slims were $229.00, so I bought one in anticipation of the late August release of Everybody's Golf.

Now that I have both consoles, I was considering selling my XBox One and just going back to playing Fifa on PS4, but I am having reservations for this main reason:

One of my favorite things to do is Open packs. I spend way more money than I'd like to admit on Fifa Points, but it's what I enjoy and I can afford it. (Please no "what a waste of money", "pay to win", "what an idiot" comments please. I understand fully.) The Playstation market tends to be significantly more expensive than Xbox and a lot more items up for transfer.

Most of my Fifa currency comes in the from of buying Fifa Points, opening packs, and selling what I don't use on the Transfer Market. What I quesiton is, for my case, is it better to stick with the XBox Market or go back to Playstation? I know I'll make more money selling on the PS4 Market, but items will be more expensive as well. Is it a wash in the end?

It looks like Legends, or Icons, will be on both consoles so that cancels out.

I don't really play friends on either console so that doesn't play into the decision.

It basically boils down to the transfer market and the fact that I do spend a significant amount of REAL money on the game. Does that REAL money go further on PS4 or XBox?

Any links or past threads on this subject would be appreciated. Sorry for being so "long winded", but I wanted to put some context to the post. Simply asking fifa on PS4 vs Xbox probably wouldn't have garnered the opinions I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance.


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