FIFA at it’s finest – The results of the Bradley Lowery inspired Livestream!

FIFA at it’s finest – The results of the Bradley Lowery inspired Livestream!

Some of you may, or may not recognise my name from a post the other day.. I posted about a charity live stream I was doing, in honour of Bradley Lowery, raising money for Solving Kid's Cancer. With the hope of raising a few pounds whilst streaming a full 40 games in a row using only Sunderland players. Well, here are the results. The stream started at 1pm UK time. It lasted 14 hours and 34 minutes. Only 1 RQ in 40 games, and I think 10+ went to ET. We finished 22-18. The first 20 I finished 16-4, and second 20 6-14 respectively. I think a mixture of tiredness & tougher opponents really took their toll. Pickford, Denayer, Manquillo, Cattermole and, Khazri and Defoe were all unbelievable during the run. Really done well with the Ronaldo's and Messi's of this world. Jermain Defoe's record currently sits at 54Games/58Goals/28Assists – he played every minute, he was instrumental, that includes 2 D1 runs a full WL. The stream had 564 different viewers (that is more subs than I have on YouTube – so a massive thank you to everyone that got involved, even if it was for 5 minutes) 1 viewer stayed in the stream for 10+ hours – incredible really, I hope he muted me for at least a while during that. But the best stat of all. Together we raised £243.76 to go to Solving Kid's Cancer – the best thing to ever come from FUT Champs for me. I was nervous about posting the details on here, but I am so happy I did. I think reddit FIFA gets a bad name sometimes, but times like this need to be recognised too. Well done chaps.


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