The Journey, Player Career and Pro Clubs

The Journey, Player Career and Pro Clubs

So, according to some recent news, you'll be able to customise Alex Hunter in the Journey. Now, I am by no means a supporter of The Journey, so this won't be some post praising it to the high heavens for no good reason.

When you think about it, what is the point of customisation? It is to make the character feel unique, moulding them to how YOU want the character.. But Alex Hunter isn't your character. Alex Hunter will never be your character, no matter how much hair dye, tribal tattoos or cargo shorts you slap onto him.

Alex Hunter is a waste of time – an excuse for EA to devote less and less time to the actual player career. The idea of a 'story' is fine, but there was no need to create an entirely new career mode for it (the journey). It could have easily been added to player career. Look at NBA 2K, for example. Their 'player career' is like what would happen if you put the journey and player career together, and did them correctly.

And if you're adding these customisation features to a mode as stupid as the journey, why are they not being added to career mode and pro clubs? There is absolutely no reason not to do it, other than because EA is stupid.

As someone who mainly plays career mode, it is extremely disappointing to see how much EA have been neglecting it in recent years. Cut-scenes are all well and good – but it's not good enough.

I don't necessarily want a 'story' for player career, though I do think it could have easily been done. What I want is for the Journey to be scrapped, as it brings nothing interesting or innovative to the game.

Hopefully EA sees that in time for FIFA 19, and actually goes back to putting effort into one of the (originally) better modes in-game.

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